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Non-Invasive Glucometer

​Problem Brief:

Measurement of blood glucose levels at regular intervals can change the way of diabetic medication and make a significant improvement in diabetic patients' lifestyles.

The current methods of blood level testing involve invasive techniques, drawing blood from patients and testing over a device for continuous glucose monitoring, which has to be replaced at regular intervals.

Both methods lead to discomfort and sometimes unintended infections. A Blood Glucose level monitoring system by a noninvasive method using a Near-Infrared sensor prototype to solve this problem.

Solution Concept:

A non-invasive device that measures blood glucose levels at regular intervals using a Near-infrared sensor with prick-free, painless, affordable and accessible for everyone.


Swab Collecting Bot

Problem Brief:

Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimen collection is a manual process, only a limited number of samples can be collected in a given time period.

The Personnel collecting swab samples are at a high risk of getting infected, due to close contact with infected/suspected individuals, in spite of using PPEs.

The People who are collecting the sample have the highest risk of getting affected by mutual spread and the number of resources available to conduct the test with proper training is very less.


Solution Concept:

A semi-automatic bot that collects swab samples without human intervention can be operated through a mobile application where the swab stick can be injected inside the nose with degrees of control to collect the swab samples.

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​Problem Brief:

Respiratory distress for asthmatic patients in children & old adults left unnoticed leads to complications and chronic conditions without effective & timely diagnosis.

The treatment becomes challenging due to delayed or improper information about the attack.

Caretakers/parents are unaware of the late-night attacks, learning to delayed treatments sometimes life-threatening.

Solution Concept:

A wearable device that offers 24x7 monitoring of asthma triggers and respiratory distress with data acquisition during the time of distress/attack for better-personalised diagnosis and provides an alert/alarm for the patients/guardians of a possible distress event through a mobile.


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